8 Ways to Celebrate 2014 Oktoberfest in Los Angeles

L.A. Weekly | September 17, 2014

Orange County's 11 best burgers

Thrillist | September 12, 2014

L.A. Beer Week's Commemorative Beer Is Released

L.A. Weekly | September 11, 2014

World's First Vegan Oktoberfest Is Coming to L.A.!

L.A. Weekly | September 5, 2014 

DLBA Adds New Homeless Services Coordinator

This was written after a particularly eye-opening day of shadowing and interviewing the DLBA’s new homeless outreach coordinator.

DLBA | September 4, 2014

Santa Ana's Konsept Art and Music Festival Is a Launching Pad For Local Talent

So jazzed for all the young art goodness happening in Downtown Santa Ana right now! This story appeared in print. 

OC Weekly | September 3, 2014 

Meet Your Bartender: Geeking Out on Whiskey and Blues at Blind Donkey

My favorite bartender at my favorite bar!

Downtown Long Beach Associates | September 2014

Resurrecting the Memory of Sinn Sisamouth, the Cambodian Elvis

Meanwhile, back in Khmerica…

OC Weekly | August 29, 2014

Pure Fun Revives Its Cult Classic Skateboarding Zine in Long Beach

Zines + skateboarding = <3

OC Weekly | August 28, 2014

5 Things I Learned As a Beer Judge on the L.A. Episode of Brew Dogs

My 15 minutes of fame have come and gone. Might as well write a first-person piece about it!

L.A. Weekly | August 28, 2014

With New Vanity Domains Your Website Could End In ".beer," ".cooking," and More

L.A. Weekly | August 21, 2014

45. Surround Sound Burrito at the Secret Spot

Part of their annual 100 favorite dishes countdown!

OC Weekly | August 18, 2014

Re-envisioning Long Beach's Waterfront

Downtown Long Beach Associates | August 2014

5 Great Draft IPAs Made in Los Angeles

Hoppy IPA Day! 

L.A. Weekly | August 7 

Cars and Bikes: Why Can't Everyone Just Get Along?

My first piece for L.A. Magazine! Interview with Jen Klausner of the LA County Bike Coalition. 

Los Angeles Magazine | August 7, 2014